Using Decal Textured Wallpaper Range to transform YPS

How we used custom printed wallpaper to transform YPS headquarters

If you have been following us on social media then you will know that we have been taking steps to transform our office space using Decal Media textured Wallpaper to showcase the capabilities of both the Mimaki CJV150-160 solvent printer and the Decal Adhesive ranges we stock. All of the wallpaper was printed in house and fitted by the YPS team.

Roll to Roll and Solvent Demo Room

First up was our downstairs demo room. This room houses our roll to roll printers and cutters as well as our range of Decal Adhesive media. We blogged about this transformation earlier, which you can read here but since the first wall of the room was covered we have done much more including several other rooms in the building. Following on from our paper press mural, we have expanded on this theme and used two photos that boasted a lot of texture and created gritty, industrial style walls.

Textured wallpaper by Decal Media

We felt that because the room lacked windows that we should add some! The overall feel of the room had a Mediterranean home industry vibe so we played upon this by adding a scene through shutter framed windows. We used a blue palette throughout to pull the room together.

YPs Decal Media wallpaper

Several different textured wall papers were used throughout this process. Including Rondo, Brushstroke and Linear Mosaic.

Sales Office and ‘Coffee Cabin’

Next up on the list to transform was the upstairs office space that houses the admin and sales team. Again this room lacks windows so something bright and open was required. After much discussion, a vibrant forest scene was chosen with lots of orange and yellow tones to brighten the room. The oranges in this image retain their vibrancy due to the orange ink that is installed in our CJV150-160 demo machine. Well practised from decorating the downstairs demo room, the team were able to install the new wallpaper in approximately an hour and a half with minimum disruption to the office. This mural was printed on Decal Adhesive brushstroke wall texture.

Bespoke wallpaper b YPS and Decal Media

To further enhance the office area, it was decided to turn the small meeting room/kettle area into ‘The Coffee Cabin.’ We intend to turn this room in to a coffee shop mock up. This is something that we will build upon next year and add to in order to showcase the Mimaki capabilities for sign and graphics. To kick things we off we went for a distressed wood panel look using an image of reclaimed wood planks in a muted colour palette.  We used Decal Adhesive Wall Texture in brushstroke for its simple texture and matte finish. The view from the door into the office space when you can see both wallpapers works really well. We can’t wait to build upon this with further display graphics.

YPS coffee Cabin

Industrial and Textile Print Demo Room

The final room transformed was our upstairs demo room. This room houses our direct to object LED UV printer as well as our textile samples. The wall we were looking to improve already had a custom wallpaper applied featuring YPS and the brands and suppliers we work with. We chose to build upon this for our new wallpaper using the three routes to profitability; sign and graphics, textile and industrial print as our basis.

Using a bright colour palette we have showcased everything that YPS is about and stands for. Everything from our ‘about us’ through to the products and brands that we sell can be found on this wall. The design has a simple white background with pops of colour that works with the existing CMYK wall vinyl we have under the windows. We have also added new framed photo prints in bold, bright colours and expanded our textile sample offering using a basic shop display. We used Decal Adhesive wall paper in Linear Mosaic to cover this wall. The simple line design works well with the modern graphic elements. For the vinyl plinth we used Decal Media Permanent Blockout Vinyl.
YPS Wallpaper in UV demo room

Not just for the office…

A lot of the staff were impressed with the finish of the Decal Wallpaper that they decided to create feature walls in their houses too! Below are two pics from our MD Garry featuring the Brushstroke wallpaper in both a brick design and wood panel design as feature walls in two bedrooms. How good do they look?
Decal Media Wallpaper printed in brick and wood finishes.

If you think Decal Adhesive Wall Textures could be for you or your customer, why not give YPS a call to discuss the range. Did you know Decal also do a range of vinyl too? Call now to arrange for a sample print.

YPS demo room transformed with Mimaki & Decal Media Wallpaper

A challenge was set by MD Garry late one Wednesday afternoon to improve the look and feel of our solvent demo room. As you can see below, the room was a lovely shade of magnolia and not very inspiring. To combat this, we looked at ways to improve our working environment through print. One product that we have been keen to try was the range of Textured Wallpaper from Decal Media. The idea of creating a bespoke wall mural for our demo room was born.

demo room pre wallpaper

Following a team discussion and a host of ideas, it was decided that a photo of a traditional handmade paper mill would be the focus of the room. This was inspired by Garry’s collection of antique printing equipment and would be a nice contrast to the digital print hardware that sits in the room. The image we chose also has a lot of texture elements, which has provided inspiration for the remaining walls of the demo room.

Decal Wallpaper Textures

Decal Media has a range of textured wallpaper available. We chose Linear Mosaic for our feature wall. This has a vertical lined texture we thought would be perfect for our paper mill image. The wallpaper is self adhesive and is compatible with all types of ink. (Solvent, UV and Latex.)

Printing begins…

We used Rasterlink 6 to tile and create the panels for the wall. By inputting the image and the dimensions of the wall, the RIP software is able to determine the size for each piece using the width of the media roll. The wallpaper was then printed using our Mimaki CJV150-160.

Mimaki CJV150-160 printing wallpaper

Once each panel had been printed, they were applied to the wall in a matter of hours. The guys found the process to be very straight forward and once the first panel was up, they sped through the remaining 5 panels with ease. The wallpaper could be easily removed and reapplied during positioning with no impact on the printed image.

YPS demo room wallpaper application

The big reveal…

The room has been transformed through the use of colour and texture from our paper mill image. As you can see the image works beautifully with the antique imposing table. Also on display is a letterpress print from The Grange who exhibited recently at The Print Show.

finished decal media printed wallpaper

Finished demo room at YPS featuring Decal Media wallpaper

Feeling inspired?

This feature wall is just the first step in our demo room renovation. Check our Twitter and Instagram for more updates on how the room develops. If you would like more information on the range of Decal Media wallpapers, please our team a call on 0191 256 6889 for a sample pack.

Why Decal?

 7 reasons to to make the switch to Decal Adhesive

As well as durability and quality, sustainability and ecological factors need to be considered when investing in your media range. Decal Adhesive Vinyl is a range of high quality and environmentally friendly range of adhesives developed by print heavyweights Digidelta and tested on Mimaki hardware.

Here at YPS, we’re very excited to offer this media range to our customers. So we’ve taken a look at the top reasons why you should make the switch to Decal Media.

Committed to the Environment

A unique manufacturing process using patented AC resin UV cured adhesive technology from BASF means less impact on the environment during manufacture.

Solvent Free Adhesive

Additionally, solvent free adhesive means no reaction to UV or solvent inks when compared to water based adhesives and also has minimal effect on the environment.

Resistance to Heat and Humidity

Decal Adhesive has the ability to cope with water, wet and moist environments which can be an issue for some solvent and water-based adhesives. This coupled with the ability to withstand heat and humidity makes Decal Adhesive products very durable.

Ageing Resistance

Decal Adhesive has better ageing resistance with lifespan up to 7 years indoors and 5 years outdoors depending on the vinyl.


Decal has crystal clear UV adhesive transparency with no milky effect meaning no impact on the image and increased longevity. The unique solvent free adhesive is stable throughout the printing process when compared to other vinyls that use solvent or water-based adhesives.

Quality Adhesion

High quality permanent and removable adhesives are possible due to the BASF UV hot melt adhesives from UV curing. The Bubble Free range also allows for easy application.

Wide range of UV Adhesive Products available

Vinyls, papers, wallpapers, films and window graphics are all available to order at very competitive pricing. Contact us to see if we can beat your current price for media.

Decal Adhesive Rolls at YPS

Please contact the team if you have any questions regarding this fab range of media on 0191 256 6889 or

Decal Adhesive Media Now Available at YPS

Decal Adhesive – Think Green!

YPS are delighted to offer an exciting new range of media solutions from Decal Adhesive.

Developed and manufactured in Europe, Decal Adhesive media is a range of environmentally friendly, solvent free materials. Products that are available include Vinyls, Window Graphics and Wall Coverings.

The unique manufacturing process uses patented AC resin UV cured adhesive technology from BASF. This means less impact on the environment during the manufacture of Decal and additionally, solvent free adhesive means no reaction to UV or solvent inks compared to water based adhesives.

Premium and Super Premium Vinyls

Premium and Super Premium Vinyls by Decal are suitable for an array of applications with suitability for both indoors and out, as well as flat and convex surfaces.

The new Decal Bubble Free vinyl is easy to apply and reposition. This vinyl allows for quick removal with no specialist application needed. This range has excellent print quality (developed by Digidelta and tested on Mimaki hardware) and stability with permanent and removable adhesive options available.

Decal Adhesive Vinyl Application

Decal Wall Covering

Decal Wall Texture is a range of adhesive papers for indoor decoration. This new and unique product is available in several different textured finishes. From a traditional Brushstroke and Pumice to the wonderfully textural Rondo and Linear Mosaic, we’re very excited about the endless print possibilities with this product! Suitable for both domestic and commercial interiors, and like most standard wallpapers the Decal Wall Text range is wipeable and durable. The Decal Wall Texture range is also both easy to apply and remove. 

Decal Wall Textures now available at Your Print Specialists


Give our team a call on 0191 256 6889 or drop us an email at to find out more information about this exciting media.