YPS demo room transformed with Mimaki & Decal Media Wallpaper

A challenge was set by MD Garry late one Wednesday afternoon to improve the look and feel of our solvent demo room. As you can see below, the room was a lovely shade of magnolia and not very inspiring. To combat this, we looked at ways to improve our working environment through print. One product that we have been keen to try was the range of Textured Wallpaper from Decal Media. The idea of creating a bespoke wall mural for our demo room was born.

demo room pre wallpaper

Following a team discussion and a host of ideas, it was decided that a photo of a traditional handmade paper mill would be the focus of the room. This was inspired by Garry’s collection of antique printing equipment and would be a nice contrast to the digital print hardware that sits in the room. The image we chose also has a lot of texture elements, which has provided inspiration for the remaining walls of the demo room.

Decal Wallpaper Textures

Decal Media has a range of textured wallpaper available. We chose Linear Mosaic for our feature wall. This has a vertical lined texture we thought would be perfect for our paper mill image. The wallpaper is self adhesive and is compatible with all types of ink. (Solvent, UV and Latex.)

Printing begins…

We used Rasterlink 6 to tile and create the panels for the wall. By inputting the image and the dimensions of the wall, the RIP software is able to determine the size for each piece using the width of the media roll. The wallpaper was then printed using our Mimaki CJV150-160.

Mimaki CJV150-160 printing wallpaper

Once each panel had been printed, they were applied to the wall in a matter of hours. The guys found the process to be very straight forward and once the first panel was up, they sped through the remaining 5 panels with ease. The wallpaper could be easily removed and reapplied during positioning with no impact on the printed image.

YPS demo room wallpaper application

The big reveal…

The room has been transformed through the use of colour and texture from our paper mill image. As you can see the image works beautifully with the antique imposing table. Also on display is a letterpress print from The Grange who exhibited recently at The Print Show.

finished decal media printed wallpaper

Finished demo room at YPS featuring Decal Media wallpaper

Feeling inspired?

This feature wall is just the first step in our demo room renovation. Check our Twitter and Instagram for more updates on how the room develops. If you would like more information on the range of Decal Media wallpapers, please our team a call on 0191 256 6889 for a sample pack.

YPS at The Print Show 2016

Your Print Specialists stand at The Print Show 2016

Your Print Specialists has just returned from a successful three days exhibiting at The Print Show at the NEC Birmingham.

It was YPS’s first time exhibiting at The Print Show and following good reports from the previous show the year before, we were excited to be taking part.

As we are Mimaki specialists it seemed only fitting that we showcased three machines from the Mimaki range. The JV300 wide format solvent printer paired with a separate cutter, the CG FXII, and the ever popular UV printer UJF-3042HG. All three machines could be seen in action printing a range of products including stickers, posters, coasters and notebooks. We also represented Decal Media and offered various print solutions to compliment the Mimaki hardware.

The Print Show provided a great opportunity for YPS to meet people within the industry and introduce them both to the Mimaki range and its capabilities. The opportunity also allowed us to promote Your Print Specialists as a company and what we offer in terms of print hardware, consumables and service/support. We were also able to reconnect with our existing customers who had made the journey to Birmingham.

Team YPS had a fantastic first time experience at The Print Show. Thanks to all who popped in to see us and made it a top week!