Colour Management Software from Mimaki

Three new software solutions are now available from Mimaki.

Mimaki is leading the way with innovative and easy to use software solutions for colour management. Mimaki Profile Master 3, Rasterlink6 version 5.0 and Artista Textile Color Collection are designed to aid printers in creating accurate colour across various media and devices.

Let’s take a look at the new software available:

Colour matching made quicker and easier with Mimaki Profile Master 3

Mimaki Profile Master 3 enables the user to colour match artwork across different media types and printers. No specialist colour knowledge is needed in order to use the software and print colour is consistent as it is measured with the colorimeter during the printer calibration process.

Mimaki Profile Master 3 Colour Software

Mimaki Rasterlink 6 now includes full PANTONE matching capabilities

Mimaki’s very own RIP software now includes PANTONE colour collection for colour matching. Pantone colours are detected automatically within the print file and converted into print ready colour for faster colour matching. This is turn reduces waste and saves you time.

In addition to the Pantone colour collection, it is also now possible to create cut marks for Fotoba cutters. Cut marks can be placed within the Rasterlink6 window without opening or needing any other software.

Artista Textile Colour Collection for dye sublimation

Textile printing is moving towards digital production as manufacturers look to ways to bring items faster to market as well as keep up with evolving trends. Colour consistency is key and the Artista Textile Colour Collection by Mimaki will allow for textile and apparel manufacturers to achieve the correct colour with minimum waste.

The collection includes 520 colours for sublimation printing including fluorescent inks, and is designed for use with the Mimaki TS300P-1800 textile printer with dye sublimation inks. Colour swatches are specified in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW and a palette file printed on a Mimaki printer using Rasterlink6 or TxLink3 RIP software. The result also includes detailed information about profiles and settings to be used.

Exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services Ltd, the company’s National Sales Manager – Textile & Apparel, Stephen Woodall comments,

“Controlling colour, including the new fluorescent shades throughout the design and print process is a vital tool in delivering quality printed textiles. Mimaki’s focus on streamlining that is of significant benefit to our end users.”

Mimaki states its objective with these three new software packages is to bring to market solutions that ease production for its users along with improving profitability.

YPS customer story: Midton Acrylics

YPS customer Midton Acrylics raises money for charity with Mimaki Apple Watch

Following on from the Sign & Digital UK show in April, YPS were pleased to support Midton Acrylics with their purchase of 2 Mimaki UJF-3042HG UV LED printers.

Midton Acrylics are the industry leading manufacturers of cast acrylic, creating breathtaking awards, corporate gifts and bespoke products. The UJF-3042HG flatbed printers allows for printing direct to the substrate and offers unlimited possibilities for Midton Acrylics in their industry.

As part of a Sign and Digital UK show promotion organised by Hybrid, Mimaki’s UK and Ireland’s distributor and supported by YPS, an Apple Watch was given away with each purchase. Midton Acrylics, already notable for their charitable work (We loved Wig Wednesday for Clic Sargent!) decided to raffle the Apple Watch at a summer celebration last Saturday for their employees and families to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Urology Department.

Jenny Blackwell, Senior Customer Accounts Supervisor at Midton Acrylics said:

‘The raffle of the Apple Watch has raised £700 for Ronald McDonald House (Manchester) and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital’s Urology Department; causes close to Midton’s heart.
‘The raffle would not have been possible without the sales promotion by Hybrid and the support of YPS of the Apple Watch and we are extremely grateful for this.’

The money raised will be split equally between the two causes and presented on September 1st by Jenny, whose son is under the care of the Urology team at Manchester.

Your Print Specialists would like to say a big well done to Midton Acrylics for the amount raised!

YPS customer Midton Acrylics family fun day

6 reasons the Mimaki UJF-3042 series is awesome

If you’re an avid reader of the YPS blog then you will know that August is all about the printastic Mimaki UJF-3042 series. As part of our series of posts on the UJF-3042, we’ve taken a look at what makes this flatbed LED UV printer so popular for small and large businesses alike.

UJF-3042 series – the compact ‘baby’ flatbed

Mimaki UJF-3042 series UV printer at YPS

The UJF-3042 series boasts a compact design allowing the printer to be placed on a sturdy desktop or plinth. Don’t get us wrong, it still requires a small team to lift the machine into place but no specialist stand is required. We know plenty of people who have a UJF set up in the garage as part of a printing cottage industry.


The UJF-3042 is great for short print runs and aiding the production of samples and prototype packaging. At YPS we use the UJF-3042FX as a demo machine and produce sample products to those interested in purchasing a machine.

Three types of UV inks available

There are three types of ink available for the UJF-3042 series, each with their own different properties depending on the application.

LH-100 are hard UV inks that scratch and chemical resistant. Available in CMYK, White, Clear and Primer. LF-200 are a flexible UV ink set. Ink can be stretched up to 200% during post production. Available in CMYK and white. LF-140 ink sets are more flexible than the LH-100 and offer a strong gradation in 6-colour printing. Available in CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White and a Primer.

Gloss Finish

Clear ink can be used to create a glossy finish to enhance and protect your work. Use as spot gloss to highlight areas on a design or create detail against a block colour. How great does the gloss look on this design?

Mimaki UJF-3042 series gloss finish at Your Print Specialists

White Ink

We’ve already written a separate post about how fantastic white ink in the Mimaki UJF-3042FX is to use which can be found here. But in short, white ink can be used as an under print as an alternative to vinyl for clear or coloured substrates, as a frosted effect and easily as part of a design.

We haven’t found anything we can’t print on…

Coasters, house signs, door stops, pens, resin domes to name but a few! We’ve test printed lots of different objects for our customers on our in-house UJF-3042FX. There are a range of products available that promote adhesion allowing for a wide scope of printable products. Such a versatile printer and still only a baby flatbed. The UJF-3042 series really does offer unlimited possibilities!

So there you have it, our reasons why the Mimaki UJF-3042 series is an amazing piece of printing kit. If you think the UJF-3042 series could be for you, then why not give the team a call on 0191 256 6889 and we would be delighted to tell you more about this awesome machine.

White ink and the Mimaki UJF-3042FX

The Mimaki UJF-3042 series is Your Print Specialists Printastic product for August. Inspired by our customers, we’ll be taking a closer look at what can be achieved with the UJF-3042FX. First up, the amazing printing power of white ink.

Mimaki UJF-3042 UV printer at YPS

Not just CMYK…

The majority of printing is usually done on a white base material therefore allowing for a vibrant image with any white parts of the design fulfilled by the white substrate. But what happens when you need to print on a clear or coloured substrate? This is where white ink comes in very handy.

Using white ink as an under print

When printing on a clear substrate, the image can lack vibrancy when compared to printing on a white base. The Mimaki UJF-3042 series allows for a white under print to be put down as a basis for the design. Using the Special Colour functions in Rasterlink 5 we can choose the white under print to completely cover the material or just the chosen design/pixels. The images remain bright and vivid without compromising the artistic design or materials used.

YPS Mimaki UJF-3042FX white ink backing

White ink on a coloured substrate

The colour replacement setting in Rasterlink 5 is used when white is needed on a clear or coloured substrate as part of the design. As you know when printing onto a white surface, we do not need to worry about any white areas but what if we were to print on to a red or clear substrate? Anything white will now be red or transparent as this is the base colour. To combat this, a little work is required to manipulate the artwork so we can print white successfully. To do this, we change any white areas to magenta in Illustrator. We then use the Colour Replacement function in Rasterlink to change this to white.

Using white ink to create a frosted finish

White ink can also be used effectively to create a direct print frosted effect without the use of vinyl. By using colour replacement to change our design to 50% white in Rasterlink, we are able to print an intricate frosted design on acrylic. This is great for use creatively but can also be used to create stunning signage displays.

Your Print Specialists Mimaki UF-3042FX White Ink

UJF-3042 Series: YPS Printastic Product for August

Printastic Mimaki UJF-3042 Series

The Mimaki UJF-3042 series is the YPS Printastic printer for August. As part of this promotion we will be producing a series of articles about everything the UJF3042 series can offer. First up, Lauren our Software Support writes about her experiences with this printer.

Mimaki UJF-3042 UV Printer at YPS

Flatbed Printer Novice

When I first joined Your Print Specialists several months ago I had no experience of using a flatbed printer. My knowledge lay with roll to roll and dye sublimation mainly. YPS have a Mimaki UJF-3042fx for demonstration use and having the opportunity to learn and use this machine has opened my eyes to the possibilities this printer offers.

The 3042 series features two flatbed printers. The FX model can print direct onto substrates up to 50mm thick and the HG model up to 150mm thick. The HG model also boasts an additional kebab option allowing for printing on to curved surfaces. YPS has the FX model in house for demonstrations.
Mimaki UJF-3042 in YPS

Getting to grips with the UJF-3042

The full technical specifications for the UJF series can be found on the printer information page. I’ve taken a look at the key features the UJF-3042 offers.

There are three types of UV ink available: LH-100 are hard UV inks that scratch and chemical resistant. Available in CMYK, White, Clear and Primer. LF-200 are a flexible UV ink set. Ink can be stretched up to 200% during post production. Available in CMYK and white. LF-140 ink sets are more flexible than the LH-100 and offer a strong gradation in 6-colour printing. Available in CMYK, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White and a Primer.

Our UJF-3042 has LF-140 CMYK cartridges installed along with a white ink and clear varnish. The white is great for use as an under print on transparent substrates to make colours pop and as an overprint on coloured substrates. Using the clear varnish can protect the image as well as be used to highlight and create a spot varnish finish.

The UJF-3042 also comes with Mimaki Spray Suppressor System which prevents errant ink drops ensuring print quality and consistency remains high and the Nozzle Recovery System allowing you to keep printing temporarily should a nozzle go down, until any maintenance issues can be resolved.

RIP Software – Rasterlink 5

The UJF-3042 is powered using Rasterlink 5. This RIP software is really easy to get to grips with. There are options relating to colour density, white ink under prints as well as gloss options. It may seem a little daunting to begin with but it is easy to see how each option effects the print and its actually good fun to experiment with the different ink options available.

Using Adhesion Promoters

The scope of objects and materials that can be printed using the UJF is vast. From promotional items such as pens and USB sticks to signage, plastic cards for id’s or samples/prototypes. Depending on the material, sometimes an adhesion promoter is required to to ensure a successful print. YPS have a range of promoters available for glass, metal as well as various plastics. Bond-Aid both cleans and aids adhesion and I’ve used this on both contour pens and USB twisters to great result.

The UJF-3042FX is a fun printer to use, maybe it’s because the finished printed item is so tactile, in my experience anyway. Being able to print on objects that will be used daily in some cases is quite exciting even if it is just a pen or a key ring!