Why Decal?

 7 reasons to to make the switch to Decal Adhesive

As well as durability and quality, sustainability and ecological factors need to be considered when investing in your media range. Decal Adhesive Vinyl is a range of high quality and environmentally friendly range of adhesives developed by print heavyweights Digidelta and tested on Mimaki hardware.

Here at YPS, we’re very excited to offer this media range to our customers. So we’ve taken a look at the top reasons why you should make the switch to Decal Media.

Committed to the Environment

A unique manufacturing process using patented AC resin UV cured adhesive technology from BASF means less impact on the environment during manufacture.

Solvent Free Adhesive

Additionally, solvent free adhesive means no reaction to UV or solvent inks when compared to water based adhesives and also has minimal effect on the environment.

Resistance to Heat and Humidity

Decal Adhesive has the ability to cope with water, wet and moist environments which can be an issue for some solvent and water-based adhesives. This coupled with the ability to withstand heat and humidity makes Decal Adhesive products very durable.

Ageing Resistance

Decal Adhesive has better ageing resistance with lifespan up to 7 years indoors and 5 years outdoors depending on the vinyl.


Decal has crystal clear UV adhesive transparency with no milky effect meaning no impact on the image and increased longevity. The unique solvent free adhesive is stable throughout the printing process when compared to other vinyls that use solvent or water-based adhesives.

Quality Adhesion

High quality permanent and removable adhesives are possible due to the BASF UV hot melt adhesives from UV curing. The Bubble Free range also allows for easy application.

Wide range of UV Adhesive Products available

Vinyls, papers, wallpapers, films and window graphics are all available to order at very competitive pricing. Contact us to see if we can beat your current price for media.

Decal Adhesive Rolls at YPS

Please contact the team if you have any questions regarding this fab range of media on 0191 256 6889 or info@yourprintspecialists.co.uk

Decal Adhesive Media Now Available at YPS

Decal Adhesive – Think Green!

YPS are delighted to offer an exciting new range of media solutions from Decal Adhesive.

Developed and manufactured in Europe, Decal Adhesive media is a range of environmentally friendly, solvent free materials. Products that are available include Vinyls, Window Graphics and Wall Coverings.

The unique manufacturing process uses patented AC resin UV cured adhesive technology from BASF. This means less impact on the environment during the manufacture of Decal and additionally, solvent free adhesive means no reaction to UV or solvent inks compared to water based adhesives.

Premium and Super Premium Vinyls

Premium and Super Premium Vinyls by Decal are suitable for an array of applications with suitability for both indoors and out, as well as flat and convex surfaces.

The new Decal Bubble Free vinyl is easy to apply and reposition. This vinyl allows for quick removal with no specialist application needed. This range has excellent print quality (developed by Digidelta and tested on Mimaki hardware) and stability with permanent and removable adhesive options available.

Decal Adhesive Vinyl Application

Decal Wall Covering

Decal Wall Texture is a range of adhesive papers for indoor decoration. This new and unique product is available in several different textured finishes. From a traditional Brushstroke and Pumice to the wonderfully textural Rondo and Linear Mosaic, we’re very excited about the endless print possibilities with this product! Suitable for both domestic and commercial interiors, and like most standard wallpapers the Decal Wall Text range is wipeable and durable. The Decal Wall Texture range is also both easy to apply and remove. 

Decal Wall Textures now available at Your Print Specialists


Give our team a call on 0191 256 6889 or drop us an email at info@yourprintspecialists.co.uk to find out more information about this exciting media.